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The Descent

I was at the top of a hill, a long stretch of road lay before me. The bicycle I was sitting on was sturdy and I could feel every fiber in my being begging me to push off and race down the descending path that lay before me….but I didn’t …I couldn’t….something was holding me back.
And then I woke up!
Dreams are a funny thing. They can be filled with such meaning and reason – a way for your   subconscious  mind to show you your deepest darkest desires or simply an avenue for you to fight those demons you never dare tell anyone reside within you. Or perhaps they mean absolutely nothing and are simply an after image of the last movie you saw or a passing remnant of a friend’s spoken words.
Sometime ago after a long night of studying at the library with a friend, we were set to go home. I grabbed my things put on my jacket and went to the bicycle I had borrowed from another friend which I had parked against a lamppost just outside the building. It was a cold winter’s night and I was glad …

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